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Forum Rules

1. Do Not Spam. This means do not Double post, use too many smileys or write gibberish all over your post.

2. Do not post links to anything other than what's listed on the FAQ.

3. Do not use swear words as insults, and do not overuse them.

4. Please do not post things unrelated to the thread, such as asking to battle on a trade thread.

5. Do not advertise.

Chat Rules

Breaking any of these rules will result in 2 Kicks, Then ban for 2 hours, Then ban for a day, Then ban forever.

Rule 1: Do Not Advertise without permission. Failure to follow this rule is subject to an immediate perma-ban.

Rule 2: Do Not Post links to inappropriate material such as pornography, blood and gore or any sort of discriminating material.

Rule 3: Respect each other in the chat. Bullying, Racism, Flaming, Pestering, Trolling, Sexism or Disrespecting will result in a kick, then a ban. Also Obey all Moderators/Owner.

Rule 4: No Spamming. This means no overusing smileys, repeatedly posting the same entry or constant unfinished sentences.

Rule 5: Please Do Not diss Pokemon. This chat is meant for Pokemon Fans only

Rule 6: Do not use excessive language

Rule 7: Do not ask to be Moderator or Owner. Fiero will decide who gets to be moderator or owner.

Rule 8: Please follow the Owners and Moderators rules. Do not tell them what to do or argue with their decisions.

Moderator Minor Rules

1. Please give a proper reason to ban someone on the chat. Do not ban people for "no reason".

2. Do not Cut any slack. If anybody breaks a rule you are to kick/ban them even if they are your best friend, brother, etc.

3. If an Administrator Bans a person, a Moderator cannot Unban them.

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North America:

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Shiny Entei(Jan.17 to Jan.23)[GameStop]

Shiny Suicune(Jan.31 to Feb.7)[GameStop]

Ash's Pikachu(Jan.30 to Feb.7)[Toys 'R Us]


Mystery Egg(Dec.17 to Jan.11)[Wi-Fi]


There are no Mystery Gifts at the moment.