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Frequently Asked Questions

What links can I post in the forums/chat?

You may Post links to:

Videos(Youtube, Veoh, etc.)

Images(No Inappropriate images)

Any page on this website

The Help/Lobby Chatroom


What counts as Spam?

Frequently posting the same thing

Using too many smileys on a post

Using more than 1 Audies on a post

Flooding the page


Can I be moderator?

No. You will not be moderator until Fiero sees that you have what it takes to be one.


The Sound the Chat makes whenever I enter a page is annoying! How can I turn it off?

 First, Go to the Chat Page . Click on the Volume button. It will show a Red Slash Circle(Whatever it's called >.>) over it letting you know that it is muted. After doing that, the next time you visit a website the chat will not make sounds. However, If you unmute the sounds in a different Xat Group, it will also unmute this page's chat.


Can I affiliate my site here?

To do that you will need to:

1. Use one of our buttons and affiliate Pokemon Ultimate Brawlers on your site

2. Post a thread in the Forums(The Affiliates category) containing a small image size 88x31 and a link to your site

After you've done that, Fiero will check to see that you have done these and decide whether or not you'll be affiliated. Also please make sure that it has content related to Pokemon or any Nintendo franchise and a Forums page/Xat Group. We do not want sites completely different to this one affiliated.

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North America:

Shiny Raikou(Jan.3 to Jan.9)[GameStop]

Shiny Entei(Jan.17 to Jan.23)[GameStop]

Shiny Suicune(Jan.31 to Feb.7)[GameStop]

Ash's Pikachu(Jan.30 to Feb.7)[Toys 'R Us]


Mystery Egg(Dec.17 to Jan.11)[Wi-Fi]


There are no Mystery Gifts at the moment.